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 Mykola Gogol


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Nikolai Gogol is a Russian novelist, playwright critic and poet essayist Ukrainian origin . He is considered a classic of Russian literature.
Nikolai Gogol was born on March 20 (April 1, New Style) 1809 in the village of Great Sorochintsy Poltava province.
According to family legend, he came from an old Ukrainian Cossack family and was a descendant of the famous Cossack Ostap Gogol, who was at the end of the XVII century hetman of Right-Bank Ukraine.
Nicholas was named in honor of the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas
In troubled times, some Ukrainian history of his ancestors pestered and nobility, and a grandfather of Gogol, Panas Demyanovich Gogol-Yanovsky (1738-1805), wrote in an official paper that "his ancestors, name Gogol Polish nation", although most biographers tend to believe that he was still "Little Russians" (Ukrainian).
Great-grandfather Jan (John) Ya, a graduate of the Kiev Theological Academy, "went to the Russian side," settled in the Poltava region (now - Ukraine Poltava region), and he took the nickname "Yanovsky." According to another version they were Yanovsky since lived in Janov areas. Given a noble deed in 1792 in, Panas Demyanovich changed the name "Yanovsky" to "Gogol-Yanovsky." Gogol himself, being baptized "Yanovsky" probably did not know about the true origin of the names and later rejected it, saying that it came up with the Poles. Gogol's father, Vasily Panasovych Gogol-Yanovsky (1777-1825), died when his son was 15 years old.
Gogol's mother, Maria Ivanovna (1791-1868), born Kosyarovska, married in 1805 at the age of fourteen.
When postpartum died first two, Basil and Mary are in the hope moved to Sorochintsy, where he lived in all the plain known Dr. MJ Trohymovskyy . The estate Trohymovskoho born boy, who was named Nicholas.
In Nicholas, the family had eleven children of whom have stayed only the eldest son of Nicholas and three sisters.
Nikolai Gogol was first studied in the Poltava district school.
After district school Nicholas studied in Nezhinsky high school science, where he made his debut on stage gymnasium theater as an actor and director of the play "Oedipus in Athens", "Lesson's Daughter," "Lukavin" and many others. Masterfully played Prost role in the play "teens".
In high school Gogol particularly willing studied ancient Ukrainian history, folk traditions and oral folk art, which acquainted not only from published sources, but also in Nizhyn markets in the suburbs felt cap, where he had many friends. Later Nizhyn types, some scenes included in the works of the writer.
While still a student Gogol concerned with social pressures and adjusted to such activities
In Nizhyn Gogol wrote his first literary works and published some of them handwritten journals and anthologies. It appeared his poem "Italy", "tack", "bad weather", "RED rыbky", "The Battle of Kalka" poem "Hans Kyuhelgarten" satire "scoffer nekstaty", "Nechto at Nezhyne, Or not fool law scriptures "dramatic works.
Dreaming of literary activity in 1828 Gogol went to St. Petersburg. Financial insecurity forced him to enter the service of an official of the Department of principalities.

1829 First he published his first work - a poem "Hans Kyuhelgarten."

In the same year in the journal "Otechestvennыe Notes" came the story "Basavryuk or against Midsummer Night," the first of the series "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka." These works were romantic focus, backed by thorough knowledge of oral folklore. Lyricism, insight and love portrayed the author's impression of the reader.
Shortly after the premiere of the play Gogol left for a long time abroad, visited Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.
The last years of the writer's life full of dramatic finding themselves in the Truth. This - in the 1847 edition of "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends," which, like the first volume of "Dead Souls" written in Italy.
1848 Gogol returned to, intensely working on the second volume of "Dead Souls", but (with the famous USSR version) shortly before his death he burned the manuscript. Soon after Nikolai Gogol died.
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What is the most famous work of this writer?
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Mykola Gogol
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