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 Lesia Ukrainka


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Lesia Ukrainka
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Lesia Ukrainka
One of the great Ukrainian poetesses is Lesia Ukrainka. However, Lesia Ukrainka isn't a real
name of the outstanding poetess. Under this penname Larysa Kosach entered the world of
literature and became renowned all over the world.
Lesia Ukrainka was born on 25 February 1871 in Novohrad-Volyns'kyi, and she was the second
child in the family. Her father Petro Antonovych Kosach was a progressive person for his time.
Her mother was a famous Ukrainian writer Olena Pchilka. Lesia Ukrainka spent her childhood in
the village of Kolodiazhne.
In 1881, in Luts'k she had wet feet in the icy water. The doctor diagnosed her disease as
tuberculosis of bones. It meant that her dream to become a pianist was ruined. All her life the
illness drove her from clinic to clinic, from country to country. Unlike other people, who
travelled to see exotic lands, Lesia Ukrainka took her foreign trips as a bitter necessity, which
often drained her off the last century
The literary activity of the great poetess L. Ukrainka (1871-1913) who was born in our region is
famous for her master piece, the poetic drama « The Song of the Woods ». It is fall of the most
beautiful Folk melodies and legends deepest feelings and great love for the nature of Ukraine.
L. Ukrainka was a very sick woman who received a very good education. She wrote a lot of
poems and made a lot of poetic translations from English, German, Polish, and other
languages. She was the first poet who translated Byron and Shakespeare into Ukrainian.
Besides, she wrote dramas, stories and beautiful tales for children.
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Lesia Ukrainka
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