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 the present simple or present continuous short test


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СтворюватиТема: the present simple or present continuous short test   Вт Жовт 06, 2015 5:58 pm

1. You (breathe/ are breathing) hard. Sit down and rest for a while.
2. Dolphins and whales are mammals. They (breathe/ are breathing) air.
3. Fred just left. He (goes/ is going) to his biology class right now.
4. He (goes/is going) to biology class twice a week.
5. In our area, it (rains/is raining) a lot in March.
6. It (rains/is raining) right now and I don’t have my umbrella.
7. We (dance/are dancing). Is the music too loud for you?
8. We (dance/are dancing) every day. It’s good exercise.
9. The telephone (rings/ is ringing). Could you answer it?
10. The telephone (rings/ is ringing) during dinner every evening.
11. Greg and Tim (share/are sharing) a house this semester, but Tim wants his own place soon.
12. Bill and Sue are very close. They (share/are sharing) all their thoughts.
13. Warm air (rises/ is rising). Cool air (falls/ is falling).
14. Look at that balloon. It (rises/ is rising) very fast. Oops! I guess it popped. Now it (falls/ is falling).
15. Karen (takes/is taking) a shower. Can she call you right back?
16. She (takes/is taking) a shower in the morning after she (exercises/ is exercising).
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the present simple or present continuous short test
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