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 Evgen Grebinka



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Дата реєстрації : 10.10.2015

СтворюватиТема: Evgen Grebinka   Ср Груд 28, 2016 3:56 pm


Born February 2, 1812 on a farm Ubizhysche Pyryatyn district in Poltava (now the village Marianivka Hrebinka Raion) in the family of a retired staff captain Pavel Ivanovich Combs.Primary education received at home. In 1825-1831 he studied in high school science Nezhinsky.
In September 1831 the county nobility seconded Hrebinka the rank of chief officer in the 8th Malorossiysky reserve regiment, formed for the suppression of the Polish uprising, but the regiment of Pyriatyn not released, and in September, after the defeat of the rebels in Warsaw, comb retired.

Comb 1834 moved to St. Petersburg, where the autumn published his collection of fables "Malorossyyskye saying," working in the commission of religious schools. 1836 was the translation of Pushkin's poem "Poltava" in the Ukrainian language.


Ukrainian Society in 1820-1830 years when grown talent Eugene Combs, developed in the face of the deteriorating socio-political relations, the growth of liberal and radical attitudes. After the Napoleonic War of 1812, when many citizens of Russia and Ukraine familiar with the life of Europe and compared it with its medieval serfdom, began to emerge secret political society, including December 14, 1825 increased Decembrist uprising in Petersburg. 28 December this uprising occurred in Ukraine during Vasylkova which rebelled Infantry Regiment, zahitovanyy Decembrists.
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Evgeny Grebinka born February 2, 1812 on a farm Ubizhysche Pyryatyn district in Poltava in the family of a retired staff captain. Primary education received at home. In 1825-1831 he studied in high school science Nezhinsky during training began writing poetry. 1827 drama written for amateur theater "in a strange sleigh sadys not." 1829 began working on the Ukrainian translation of Pushkin's poem "Poltava". He participated in the publication of handwritten journals stacked with student works Gogol, N.Kukolnyka, M.Prokopovycha, H.Hrebinky. 1831 graduated from high school, and later in the pages of "Ukrainian Almanac" in Kharkiv under the pseudonym E. Hrebenkyn was published his first poem in Russian. "Rohdaev feast" ( "Rohday sydel Between Friends ..."). In 1831-1833 he served in the 8th Little Russian Cossack regiment. From 1834, he lived in St. Petersburg, where the autumn published his collection of fables "Malorossyyskye sayings." He served in the Commission's religious schools in the Synod. From 1838 until his death he taught literature, science and sometimes also in the Noble Regiment, 2nd Cadet Corps and other military schools. 1840 comb Shevchenko helped in the publication of "Poet". In the same year in the journal "Otechestvennыe Notes" published Hrebinchyna story "Student Notes" and the "Matins register their" - the story "Kulik." 1842 wrote the story "Senya". In 1843 comb visited Ukraine was in Odessa, was published novel "Tchaikovsky." 1844 comb married Mariya Rostenberh. That same year he released his novel "Doctor." 1845 met Kulish wrote an essay "Peterburhskaya side." In 1847 he opened his expense Rudtsi village in Poltava region Lubny district parish school for peasant children. In the same year came the story "Zaborova" and "Adventures of blue assyhnatsyy." Since 1846, Comb began publishing a collection of his prose. By the end of 1848, he published eight volumes. Comb died December 3, 1848 from tuberculosis in St. Petersburg. His body was transported to Ubizhysche, where he was buried. Eugene Comb: works Thistle and konoplynochka Bear Court Sparrows and cherry uncle on dzvonytsi Kulik (1840)
swans and geese Mr. and dog Wheat Fisherman Ukrainian melody Tchaikovsky (1843)
Boat (1833)
notes a student
Nezhynskyy Colonel Zolotarenko (1842)
Bohdan ( 1843)
Adventures assyhnatsyy Son (1847)
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Evgen Grebinka
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