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 Canada Quiz


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Дата реєстрації : 27.08.2015
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СтворюватиТема: Canada Quiz   Пн Лют 19, 2018 10:35 am

1. What are Canada’s two national sports?
A. Ice Hockey, Basketball
B. Baseball, Tennis
C. Basketball, Lacrosse
D. Lacrosse, Ice Hockey
2. How many lakes are there in Canada?
A. Unknown
B. 500 thousand
C. 1 million
D. 5 million
3. Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?
A. Alexander Mackenzie
B. John A. MacDonald
C. Louis Riel
D. Wilfred Laurier
4. Canada has two national symbols. What are they?
A. Beaver & Maple Leaf
B. Maple Leaf & Moose
C. Beaver & Grizzly Bear
D. Moose & Salmon
5. Canada has the longest covered bridge in the world (1,282 feet long). Where is it located?
A. West Montrose, ON
B. La Sarre, QE
C. Gold River, BC
D. Hartland, NB
6. What university developed the world's first anti-gravity suit?
A. University of Toronto
B. Simon Fraser University
C. University of British Columbia
D. Queen’s University
7. Andrew Bonar Law was the only Canadian ever to do what?
A. Win the Indianapolis 500
B. Serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain
C. Board the MIR space station
D. Win the Tour De France
8. How many National Parks are there in Canada?
A. 84
B. 25
C. 39
D. 60
9. In which year did Canada adopt the metric system?
A. 1975
B. 1985
C. 1967
D. 1970
10. How many time zones are there in Canada?
A. 6
B. 8
C. 4
D. 5
11. What is the highest mountain in Canada?
A. Mount Forbe
B. Mount Logan
C. Mount Kitchener
D. Mount Lefroy
12. What is the longest river in Canada?
A. Fraser River
B. St. Laurence River
C. Mackenzie River
D. Red River
13. What is Canada's most northern island?
A. Queen Charlotte
B. Ellesmere
C. Victoria
D. Baffin
14. Which of the following authors is not Canadian?
A. W.O. Mitchell
B. Margaret Atwood
C. A.A. Milne
D. Michael Ondaatje
15. Which Province has the largest concentration of moose in North America?
A. Alberta
B. British Columbia
C. Newfoundland
D. Quebec
16. When was “Oh Canada” proclaimed as Canada’s national anthem?
A. 1870
B. 1935
C. 1980
D. 1999
17. Canada is a bilingual country, but what is the only officially bilingual province?
A. Quebec
B. New Brunswick
C. Ontario
D. Nova Scotia
18. How many oceans border Canada?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
19. What is the oldest walled city that still exists north of Mexico?
A.  Montreal
B.  Halifax
C. Quebec City
D. Vancouver
20. Whose face is on the Canadian hundred-dollar bill?
A. Wilfred Laurier
B. John A. MacDonald
C. William Lyon Mackenzie King
D. Robert Borden
21. What is the population of Canada?
A. 35 million
B. 23 million
C. 32 million
D. 37 million
22. What are the two most multicultural cities in Canada?
A. Toronto and Montreal
B. Victoria and Toronto
C. Vancouver and Toronto
D. Vancouver and Montreal
23. How many points did Wayne Gretzky score in his career?
A. 1,876
B. 2,295
C. 2,857
D. 3,204
24. What is the world's tallest free-standing structure?
A. CN Tower
B. Burj Dubai
C. Empire State Building
D. Ostankino Tower
25. What major sporting event was held in Canada in 2010?
A. Summer Olympics
B. Winter Olympics
C. World Cup
D. Commonwealth Games
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Canada Quiz
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